10 Reasons To Eat Organic

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In the last decade, talk of eating organic has circulated and many commercial brands have listened. Now, as you browse supermarkets you’ll see more options of foods that are “Certified Organic”. However progressive or new age eating organic may sound, consider that for centuries humans have naturally eaten organic foods.

With the rise of genetically modified foods, preservatives, pesticides and chemical additives, food became manufactured to meet the demands of our busy lives. Why is the popularity of eating organic rising? Because organic food is essentially food that’s chemical-free, more flavorful, more nutritionally dense and all around better for our health and planet. The health benefits of eating organic are abundant, and if that’s not enough to sway you, here are 10 reasons to eat organic.

More Nutrients

By a longshot—organic foods contain more nutrients, which are vital to our health and wellbeing. Organic foods are rich in the minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes our bodies need to function optimally. The reason organic foods contain more nutrients is because the soil they’re grown with is not sprayed with toxic chemicals that kill the nutrients in non-organic foods. Organic foods get nutrients from organic dirt, which is naturally rich in nutrients.

More Antioxidants

Some foods are antioxidant powerhouses—blueberries, spinach, artichokes—are natural warriors that protect our cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Antioxidants help keep us healthy, free from sickness, and minimize our risk of chronic illness and disease. Eating a diet high in antioxidants is recommended, but making your veggies and fruits organic can in some cases enhance your antioxidant intake by 20%, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Better Flavor

Not convinced? Try a blind taste test. Put two (1 organic and 1 non organic) tomatoes, two apples or two of your favorite fruit or veggie on a plate. Put on a blindfold and try each variety to see which tastes better.

It’s not shocking the organic food is more rich in flavor. This is because organic foods contain more nutrients with better balanced soil, in other words, the food doesn’t have to work as hard to get nutrients to be healthy, which in turn reduces the stress of the plant so that it can instead spend its time growing its vibrant flavor. Yum!

Less Pesticides

When foods aren’t organic, they contain synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We’re discovering more and more about the harmful effects of these chemicals, which have been scientifically linked to developmental issues, ADHD, reduced sperm and carcinogens. Is it worth it to save a few bucks? Not quite, as the expenses of these potential issues will cost much more in the long run.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

You know the sweet little picture of the cow grazing in wide open fields on the cover of that milk, beef or dairy package? Unfortunately, this is all too often not the case. Animals in small quarters are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics to expedite the growing process, increase an animal’s size and its byproducts to maximize a profit. Truth is, livestock and dairy are hotbeds for pesticides, as they cling to the fats and tissues of the animal. These pesticides make their way into our bodies and ultimately create dangerous toxins and chemicals which can lead to genetic issues, tumors and increased risk for cancer.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to eat organic meat and dairy to reduce exposure to harmful hormones and antibiotics.


Organic foods must be Certified Organic to ensure the food is free of chemicals and toxins. Additionally, this certification verifies that GMOs are kept out of our food. GMOs are genetically modified organisms which essentially contaminate food. Sadly, GMOs don’t even require labeling in USA and that’s why it’s safest to eat organic to avoid GMOs altogether.

Better Farming Practices

Why are healthy farming practices important to our health? Because ultimately, we need a healthy ecosystem to foster longterm production of healthy foods. Otherwise, we deplete our land and resources of the nutritious foods which sustain us and generations to come. Buying organic fosters better farming practices to help keep crops on a balanced crop rotation so that farmers can provide us with diverse options for food. In turn, we preserve the land and soil so that all living beings can have a healthy environment rich in food and nutrients. This includes our precious pollinators that are necessary to build biodiversity and a rich and thriving ecosystem for our plants. From tiny insects to humans, we all depend on these resources for sustainable and healthy foods, and eating organic helps preserve our most precious resources: our oceans and farmland.

Better for the Environment

Speaking of land, eating organic is the most sustainable solution to reduce pollution and preserve soil. Non organic foods heavily employ pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and agricultural chemicals which contaminate the environment, compromise farmland and taint our water. When you buy organic food, you cast a vote that you’re not ok with unhealthy farm practices which are a detriment to the environment, and ultimately, posterity.

Healthier Food Options Available

Buying organic might require a learning curve, but it’s actually fun and full of healthy food options. When you make the conscious decision to eat organic, you tap into the well of healthy foods. In turn, these choices can help you eat a more balanced diet, foster healthy habits and overall contribute to your wellbeing. Furthermore, you remove the option to eat unhealthy foods that contain chemicals and toxins that can be a detriment to your health.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Eat Organic

Bottom line: eating organic is the safest way to fill your body with vital nutrients to live a long and healthy life. So, what’s the best and easiest way to start eating organic foods? Well, you can literally get organic foods delivered straight to your front door. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes are filled with delicious and organic fruits, grains, vegetables and dairy, and are a great way to incorporate organic whole foods into your diet.

With a CSA subscription, you’ll receive a weekly box of organic foods to your doorstep. Farm Fresh To You makes eating organic a piece of (organic) cake! You can customize your box to meet your dietary needs, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or eat everything under the sun, a Farm Fresh To You CSA box is a game changer. Not only is it convenient, but you’ll be eating fresh and organic foods on the regular—without having to leave your home. With these items you can make delicious, organic meals with easy recipes from my cookbook, Wandering Palate. You can even use code TRAILTOHEALTH for 50% off your first CSA Box!

It is also very important to make sure you are eating organic grass fed meats and wild seafood to compliment your organic produce. Fortunately there are some great companies like Butcher Box, US Wellness Meats and Vital Choice Seafood that deliver organic high quality meats and seafood right to your door.

As you can see, the health benefits of eating organic are plentiful, and it’s never been easier to eat organic than it is now. So, are you ready to make the switch? Visit Farm Fresh To You to start customizing your CSA box!

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