Thymus Therapy for Immune Modulation


Today I’m talking about thymus therapy for immune modulation. What is thymus therapy? In order to answer that we first have to address what exactly is the thymus.

The thymus plays a huge role in our health and the way that we age. Ultimately, the thymus is a vital organ that correlates to a healthy immune system.

What Is The Thymus?

The thymus is a gland that sits above your heart in the center of your chest. Why is the thymus so important? It communicates with the immune system via T-cells that function to protect you from getting cancer and hepatitis B. The thymus also protects us from various flu viruses. Furthermore, the thymus balances our hormones to help us sleep and feel better. The thymus also balances our neurotransmitter levels which are pertinent to brain function. As you can see, the thymus is a crucial organ that contributes to our overall health, wellbeing and aging process.

How does it work?

T-lyphocytes, or T-cells, are produced in our bone marrow and pass on through our bloodstream up to the thymus. Here are the four types of T-cells and how they each function:

  • Natural Killer Cells: Find foreign cells in the bloodstream and kill them.

  • Helper Cells: Create antibodies that activate the natural killer cells.

  • Suppressor Cells: Prevent damage to the body’s tissue from overactive natural killer cells, in effect preventing infections and allergic or immune reactions.

  • Memory Cells: The immune system’s storage unit which allows it to classify foreign cells from memory cells.

What Happens When the Thymus Loses Potency?

When we are young, our thymus is extremely active. In fact, the thymus is most active in newborns and infants. Our thymus changes size and functionality as we age. By the time we enter adolescence, the thymus shrinks and starts to die by age 14. What happens is a slow transition where the thymus changes into fat tissue and stops functioning. This is a natural process demonstrating the critical role the thymus plays in our health and natural age progression.

The Thymus Influences Our Biological Age

With blood testing, we can actually evaluate the thymus’ hormone levels to determine our body’s biological age. As mentioned, our thymus slows down with age, ultimately reducing all of those crucial functions we depend on our thymus for—particularly in relation to our immune health. With an organ that naturally loses potency in our teens, how do we re-engage it to foster healthy aging and defend against foreign threats? That’s where thymus therapy for immune modulation comes in.

Thymus Therapy for Immune Modulation

With the results from our blood tests, we can work to restore the thymus and reverse the biological aging process. Thymus therapy has actually proven to reverse the biological aging process by up to 15 years!

Thymus therapy is a non-specific immunotherapy that activates and balances the immune system cellularly to improve the way we feel and age. In fact, thymus therapy helps to relieve autoimmune symptoms, improve immune function, brain function, enhance energy levels and slow the aging process. I’ve addressed how important the thymus is, but to reiterate: the thymus informs the immune system of potential threats and strategically engages t-cells that combat these threats. Because the thymus naturally loses it’s strength with age, thymus therapy restores and balances those critical functions of the immune system.

How Does Thymus Therapy Work?

Thymus therapy involves a series of thymus peptides injections. These injections improve the functionality of the immune system by armoring new cells with the ability to attack foreign pathogens and kill cancer cells.

Essentially, the thymus stops functioning at optimal capacity as we age, which intercedes with our aging process. Thymus therapy reverses this process by using injections of thymus extract to regenerate and balance the immune system.

By injecting natural thymus hormones into the body, we’re supplementing the hormones that the thymus has stopped or slowed production of. The thymus hormones injected are Thymolin, Thymosin Alpha 1 and Thymosin Beta 4. The process of using live cell extracts has been used for over 20 years, and ultimately activates thymus functioning to prevent infections, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

Bottom line: the thymus is a central organ responsible for defending the body via the immune system. Thymus Therapy for immune modulation helps restore the function of the thymus so that we can live healthy lives and slow down the progression of biological aging.

My Personal Thymus Therapy Experience

Thymus has been a game changer in my own personal health journey. It is one of the things that has given my Thyroid the best boost and also my immune system overall. I do a course of Thymus a few times a year to stay optimal. Each time I do it, I feel more energized, motivated, positive, my thyroid antibodies go way down, I have progressively been able to come down on my Thyroid medication dosage and overall I feel more resilient. I think it should be part of everyones self care regime to keep your body and immune system optimal and if you have an autoimmune disease or chronic illness, Thymus can definitely give you an edge and hopefully help you feel better too.

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