How To Eat Your Gluten Free Way Through NYC


Traveling as a celiac can always be a challenge, but fortunately, that is getting a lot easier. The best thing is, if you are headed to NYC, you will have no shortage of delicious and safe gluten-free dining to choose from. Here is a round-up of my favorites from this last trip and also some that are on my list to check out on my next stop in NYC!

Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants I Went To

NYC has an extensive selection of dedicated gluten-free restaurants. That means there is absolutely no risk of getting glutened eating at these fine locations and it is so liberating to be able to order ANYTHING on the menu.

.Modern Bread and Bagel
Modern Bread and Bagel was an absolute gem in the Upper West Side serving some of the most delicious gluten-free food I have ever had. They had bagels, baguettes, challah, lemon ricotta pancakes and a fantastic giant latke with lox! I wish my stomach was bigger because I would have sampled so much more, but alas, I will just have to go back. We took one of their famous cinnamon rolls to go and it was a perfect midnight snack (since midnight was really 9 pm for me haha).

I ate here 2x the food was so amazing and took a bagel with me to eat later on the flight. I mean how often do you get to have a legit gluten-free bagel that actually tastes good? If you are in NYC this is an absolute must stop.

Tap NYC is another one of my favorite NYC restaurants and is also located in the Upper West Side and now in Brooklyn. They serve up dreamy grain free tapioca crepes with whatever filling you can dream of, whether it is savory or sweet. I absolutely fell in love with tapioca crepes during my travels to Brazil and so this was an awesome find to take me back. The good news with Tap is, that even if you are not in NYC you can still order tap and make them at home! I even have a recipe on my blog to make your own shredded chicken tap! The best part is, If you are in a hurry or just need some safe gluten-free food delivered, you can order on Postmates and have it delivered to your room.

Risotteria Melotti
Risotteria Melotti was another amazing find. The Melotti Family has been producing the best varieties of Italian rice since 1986 and has amazing options for risotto, one of my favorite all-time dishes. Everything in the restaurant is made with rice or rice flour so you can even enjoy the Arancini (fried rice balls) which never happens since fryers are always contaminated with gluten. They also have a delicious selection of desserts if you can muster the room the try their homemade gluten free Tiramisu.

Little Beet Table
Little Beet Table is a fantastic restaurant with healthy delicious food. The focus is on healthy Whole Foods, which is right up my alley. It was good to have a break from all the carb forward meals I had been enjoying and get some veggies in. They use grass-fed meats and organic produce. I had the roasted chicken and salmon crude and it was delicious.

Senza Gluten
One of my favorite things about NYC is the abundance of truly gluten-free Italian food. I don’t know about you, but I am a total sucker for a good Italian feast. Senza Gluten is another amazing find, where everything on the menu is you guessed it, gluten-free. They have a restaurant and then they also have a bakery and serve pasta and pizza. They only take Amex or cash so make sure to come prepared to pay your bill.

Grom is one of those magical places that reminds me of my trip to Italy last summer. Though they have locations in Los Angeles as well, I never pass up the opportunity for a Grom Ice Cream Cone. The entire shop is gluten-free, even the cones which is so awesome because usually, ice cream shops are off limits for me due to cross contamination issues of scoops touching cones and then the bins of ice cream. The gelato here is delicious too and made with super clean ingredients and no gums! My favorite flavors are always Pistachio and Limon.

Posh Pop Bakeshop
If you are in the mood for a delicious sweet treat, make sure to stop at Posh Pop Bakeshop. The entire bakery is gluten free and they have amazing cakes, cake pops and pastries you can only dream about being gluten-free! They even bake their own Gluten Free versions of Twix Bars so use in some of their creations! Now that is dedication! I indulged on the Cannoli Cheesecake which was absolutely delicious and took some cake pops and macaroons to go.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants I Have Yet To Try…

There are sooooo many gluten-free options in NYC that it was hard to pack them all into one trip. These restaurants are definitely on my list to check out next time I am in the city but I wanted to feature them since they are also dedicated gluten free options! 

Noglu really was on my list to hit on this past trip but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It is a dedicated gluten-free bakery based out of Paris and has some amazing menu items including gluten-free croissants and cream puffs! They also serve sandwiches and quiches so this is definitely on my must-see list next time I am in town.

Hu Kitchen
Hu Kitchen is another stop on my list that I must make next time I am in town. I have tried their chocolate bars and crackers and they were delicious so I am excited to try the actual restaurant here soon too! Everything is paleo and super clean ingredients. Next time for sure!

Rolln is an interesting concept. It is a 100% gluten-free take out sushi roll shop. Everything is to go and everything is gluten-free. This seems like such a great option when you need a grab and go snack or meal and am excited to check out the concept next time I head back to NYC.

It is not often you get to indulge in Indian food as a celiac or if you are gluten-free, but Inday is an entirely dedicated gluten-free restaurant so I will be sure to try them out on my next trip.

Erin McKennas Bakery
I was excited to see one of my favorite LA Bakeries has a spot in NYC as well. Everything at Erin McKennas Bakery is gluten-free including the donuts and cupcakes! It is definitely worth a stop in whether you are in LA or NYC

By The Way Bakery
By The Way Bakery is definitely on my list next time as well! Another bakery that is entirely gluten-free and has all sorts of options between small treats like cookies and brownies to beautiful layer cakes. If you have a special event coming ups this definitely seems like the place to get a cake from!

I wish I had tried Cheska’s as I was on the search for a true GF NYC pizza but alas this will be on my next trip. Their pizzas are 100% gluten-free and you get the choice between a cauliflower or sweet potato crust! How’s that for getting more veggies in your life?

Dale View Biscuits & Beer
I didn’t Make it out to Brooklyn on my last trip, but this is another spot that is high up on my list, Dale View Biscuits & Beer! The entire restaurant is gluten-free and makes biscuits! You can get them plain, savory, desserts or even made into sandwiches with different meats stuffed into the pockets! It’s not often you find gluten-free biscuits that are safe so this definitely sounds like a must try!

Not Dedicated Gluten-Free BUT I Ate At Safely!

In addition to the plethora of choices that are dedicated gluten-free, I also enjoyed safe and delicious meals at several restaurants that though they are not 100% gluten-free, they offer several gluten-free options and a super sensitive celiac like myself ate here with no problems! I typically react to a microscopic crumb of gluten, so If I can eat here, you can eat here.

Ninos 46
Ninos 46 is a charming Italian spot that has been serving New Yorkers since 1982. The chef is actually Celiac and has modified some of the recipes to be able to accommodate gluten allergies which is awesome!  The food was absolutely delicious and I loved the old school vibe of the Nino’s on 46th street, which is the original location. I definitely recommend putting this on your NYC Italian food circuit through NYC.

Etc Etc
Etc Etc was such a great find and has homemade Gluten free tagliatelle, gnocchi and ravioli. That's right, homemade and GLUTEN FREE! This is something that never ever happens. I can’t remember when the last time I could order ravioli or homemade pasta that was safe. The entire meal was absolutely delicious and such a treat to have homemade ravioli. Definitely make a reservation to eat here when you are in NYC!

Bistango is a NYC classic and was incredibly accommodating to gluten allergies. After all the carbs and pasta I was feeling like I needed to start my meal with a salad and their Caesar salad already came with gluten-free croutons and no need to modify it! Of course, I had to try their GF pasta as well and it was delicious. They have 2 locations in the city and I went to the original on 29th st which I really loved how small and quaint it was.

Friedmans has locations all over NYC and is awesome for a safe gluten-free meal. They say that 97% of their menu can be made gluten-free and that includes their Chicken and Waffles! Yes that's right, gluten-free chicken and waffles and they were AMAZING. One of their partners was diagnosed with Celiac disease and made it her mission to have a restaurant that she and her gluten-free friends could eat at safely. Well, she definitely did it and has an amazing menu of choices and the food is super safe. If its gluten-free it comes out with a tag from the kitchen so there are no mistakes.

Bazar Tapas
Bazar Tapas is another lovely spot serving up all the typical Spanish Tapas with their own spins. They make great cocktails and the food was great! If you are in the mood for a cute spot to grab some drinks and a few tapas this is your spot. Though they are not dedicated gluten free, they had plenty of options that could be gluten-free and were careful about cross contamination.

Arepa Factory
I absolutely love Arepa’s so am really intrigued to check out the Arepa Factory on my next trip to NYC. Arepas are corn filled pockets that can be filled with meats and veggies and are delicious! All the Arepas at Arepa Factory are supposed to be gluten-free so it seems like a great stop to add to my list.

Where Can I Find Truly Gluten-Free Pizza In NYC?

The only things missing from this trip is having a chance to have a true NYC Pizza that is truly gluten-free. I am talking precautions with cross contamination, using a separate oven, separate condiments etc to prevent cross contamination. Pizza is usually off the table for me because even a crumb of cross contamination makes me sick for a week. So if you have a suggestion for me where to find safe pizza next time I am in town, give me a shout!

Are You A NYC Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurant And Want To Be Featured Next Time I Am In Town?

I am always on the hunt for amazing gluten-free food when I travel. Please reach out and tell me about your restaurant and I will let you know when I am back in the city.

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