10 Holiday Gifts For Her

The drumroll to the holidays is officially in motion! As we float through Thanksgiving to those winter festivities, you’ve likely got ladies in your life you need to shop for. Here’s a list of 10 wellness holiday gifts for her including stylish organic clothing, natural beauty products, gadgets for your favorite foodie, and more! Without further ado, here are the goods:

Gifts for her closet…

Pact Apparel

100% organic and fair trade, Pact Apparel makes a perfect first stop on your shopping list. From undergarments to pajamas, athletic wear, socks and more, nothing says I love you like cozy, organic cotton.

LuluLemon Athletica

It seems like everyone’s clamoring to get their hands on LuluLemon, with good reason. This stylish brand is on trend and in fashion. Not to mention their athletic line is brimming with high-quality yoga wear, winter gear and accessories. Not sure what to choose? Check out these gift ideas from Lululemon.

Gifts for her beauty routine…

Well Within Beauty Products

Is there a sweeter ring to the ear than “plant based beauty products”? Not for the organic beauty lover. Well Within carries an integrative, holistic skincare collection and nutritional supplements for the conscious beauty buyer. Give the gift of radiant, earth-fueled beauty from Well Within Beauty Products.

Kopari Coconut Oil Beauty Line

What’s all the buzz about coconut oil? It’s earth’s gentle, nourishing nutrient that gives the skin a glow, revitalizes the body, and feeds the soul with coconut oily goodness. At Kopari, choose from shower oils, skincare products, deodorant and more. As Kopari puts it, gift the gift of coconut cheer!

Gifts for the foodie…

Thrive Market Subscription

Shopping for a lady in your life that loves organic and non-GMO brands? Give her a world of health with a Thrive Marketplace Subscription. She’ll gain access to healthy snacks, non-toxic cleaning supplies and more, all delivered to her doorstep! Does she follow a certain diet? Endless options are at her fingertips for paleo, gluten-free, vegan, organic, whole-30 and keto diets. With this subscription, her tummy and health will thrive.

Nima Sensor

Got a gal who’s gluten-free? Look no further than the Nima Sensor, the revolutionary pocket-sized food sensor that’ll give her peace of mind. While friends and family gather for the holidays to delve into the celebratory feasts, those with food allergies can’t heap helpings as easily. That’s where Nima comes to the rescue and takes a bite out of her food first to test for gluten or peanuts, saving her from an allergic reaction or getting glutened. Nima puts the joy, and confidence, back into eating.

Instant Pot

Not just a pressure cooker, with the Instant Pot, the options are limitless for the foodie you love (get $10 off with code TRAILTOHEALTH). Not to mention the kitchen space she’ll save from nixing those other bulky appliances that the Instant Pot replaces. The Instant Pot’s been appropriately coined the holy grail of kitchen appliances, and what could be a better gift than that? Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why the Instant Pot is a powerhouse appliance and great holiday gift for her!

Wandering Palate Bundle

Take her around the world with internationally inspired recipes from my 28-day paleo cookbook, Wandering Palate, including over 120 delicious recipes. The Bundle includes the cookbook, Cooking Therapy Apron, and the stylish Cooking, Love, Soul Canvas Tote Bag. A perfect trio for the foodie you love!

Gifts for her health…


Topping the list of health gifts for her is the Viome Gut Test (codeTrailToHealth10 gets you $10 off). It might not sound like the most glamorous of gifts, but the gift of health is possibly the greatest gift of all. Viome is a cutting-edge test that isolates viruses and bacteria strains in the gut that can be debilitating to her health. Even better is the personalized action plan based on the results of the microbiome testing. Give her the gift of a healthy gut for happy holidays.

Oura Ring

Give your sleeping beauty the gift of restful, restorative, rejuvenating sleep. The Oura Ring is a simple, minimalistic, powerful wellness computer packed into a sleek design you slip on your finger. Accompanied by a wellness tracking app and backup cloud, the Oura Ring is deep sleep’s secret ingredient. Let her sync her circadian rhythm for more focus, energy, and rest with the Oura Ring.

I hope this holiday roundup helps you make your list and check it twice to get your gal something healthy and nice! Looking for goodies for the men in your life? I’ve got you covered with these 10 Holiday Gifts for Him!

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