10 Holiday Gifts For Him


The holiday season is here and it’s time to begin gift shopping. Stumped on ideas for what to buy for him? Fear not, whether it’s for a father, son, brother, colleague, significant other or friend, here are 10 holiday gifts for him to set him on the trail to health for the New Year.

Cooking Therapy Apron

Got a man who knows his way around the kitchen? Maybe your pops is the bonafide bbq king. For the guy that loves to cook, the Cooking Therapy Apron makes a perfect gift!

Wandering Palate Cookbook

Pair the Cooking Therapy Apron with my new cookbook, Wandering Palate. Between the hardback pages you’ll find a 28-day meal plan of easy, simple and healthy Paleo meals inspired by international travel. With over 120 recipes, you’re giving the gift of health, delicious meals and joyful immersion into multi-cultural recipes from around the world. Let him sail into the possibilities of the kitchen.

Oura Ring

Before you add an Apple Watch or Fitbit to your list, check out the Oura Ring. This stylish, sleek wearable health tracker helps achieve restorative sleep by syncing with his circadian rhythm. Essentially, he’ll have a wellness computer, right at his fingertips. Slide on the sleek, minimalistic ring for better sleep, health, and a step up in style.

EverlyWell Men’s Health Test

Despite all the hype about women’s hormones, men’s are equally as important. That’s why it’s vital to check in with them. The EverlyWell Men’s Health Test does more than just monitor testosterone, it’s an at home kit that also tests DHEA, Estradiol and Cortisol. With this information he can experience positive shifts in mood, weight, sex drive, muscle mass, and energy levels.

Butcher Box Subscription

Shopping for a man that loves meat? Look no further than Butcher Box. Give them the gift of high-quality, ethically sourced, antibiotic and hormone free meats. All you have to do is pick a subscription option that suits his tastebuds, and grass-fed, free-range meat will arrive right at his doorstep.

Pact Apparel

Want to give the gift of comfort for the cozy holidays? Outfit him in Pact Apparel’s men’s collection. Choose from hoodies, jammies, undies and more, all certified organic, fair trade and oh-so-soft. Wrap them up, put them under the tree, and wait for the cuddles to come pouring in.


We all know and love Toms, so here’s why they make great holiday gift for him. Aside from their stylish designs, when you buy from Tom’s you’re not just stepping up his style, you’re contributing to a much bigger purpose. Tom’s has successfully outfitted millions of children around the world with shoes, improved access to drinking water, raised school enrollment, and more. What started as helping needy children get shoes has expanded into a worldwide outreach program to help those in need. Give him a skip in his step knowing your contribution helped someone in need.

Molekule Air Purifier

Give him the purest gift of all: air. No, not the polluted air that’s interfering with his circadian rhythm, give him pure air with the Molekule Air Purifier. The patented air technology eliminates indoor air pollution on a molecular level. The benefits of an air purifier include better sleep, less congestion, reduced dust mite allergies and reduced mold growth. Not to mention the bliss of breathing easier.

Organic Whey Protein

Know a guy who’s looking to bulk up? With 26g of protein per serving, this natural, organic, cold pressed whey increases BCAA intake which helps improve athletic performance and protein synthesis. With Vital Proteins, nothing will get in the whey of his workout.

Swanwick Glasses

Excess artificial light in the evenings from phones and TV’s can lead to restless sleep, and ultimately, even compromise health. Help him sleep better with “Swannies” glasses, the blue-light blocking glasses that help with sleep, and increase energy and focus. Not only do they minimize digital eye strain, but they look pretty cool, too! Wearing them for one hour a night can significantly improve sleep, mood, and health. If he’s struggling to catch z’s, Swannies are a great gift option, don’t forget to share with him 10 ways to optimize sleep!

There you have it! I hope this roundup of 10 holiday gifts for him helps you find the perfect gift for that special someone. Happy shopping!

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